Product Features

Complete GIS and Image Processing in One Package: unleash the power of over 250 GIS and Image Processing modules to tackle your every environmental need for analysis.

  • Land Change Modeling: quickly assess land change, predict future scenarios and assess the impacts of these predictions in this unique modeling environment
  • Time Series Analysis: compare pairs of images or analyze trends and anomalies in multiple images
  • Image Processing: complete restoration, transformation and supervised and unsupervised classification support for multispectral and hyperspectral imaging
  • Hard and Soft Classifier Support: traditional classifiers such as maximum likelihood and K-means as well as Bayesian and linear spectral unmixing soft classifier support
  • Neural Network Analysis: the most extensive support for neural networks including multi-layer perceptron, SOM, and fuzzy art map classifiers
  • Decision Support: the industry leader in tools for multi-criteria evaluation and multi-objective land allocation modeling
  • 3-D Fly Through: simple, interactive feature that allows you to simulate movement by controlling altitude, orientation, and movement
  • Surface Analysis: the most extensive tool set for raster GIS analysis including interpolation and hydrological modeling
  • Spatial Statistics: multiple and logistical regression, geostatistics, and much more
  • Graphical Modeling: build and execute multi-step models graphically
  • Image Calculator: interactive expression building facility for image manipulation including mathematical and logical expressions
  • Extensive Conversion Tools: easily import or export with many of the most popular software and government formats
  • COM Compliant: develop your own scripting from such programming environments as Visual Basic or Python to manipulate IDRISI