IDRISI Andes Modules

IDRISI Andes includes over 250 modules for the analysis and display of digital information.

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GIS Analysis
At the very heart of GIS is the ability to perform analyses based on geographic location. IDRISI offers a wealth of analytical tools for geographic analysis.

Database Query & Mathematical Operators
Distance & Context Operators
Decision Support Tools
Change & Time Series Analysis
Surface Analysis
GIS Modeling
Image Processing
IDRISI’s Image Processing capabilities round out a full suite of tools for the processing of spatial data.

Image Restoration
Image Enhancement
Image Transformation
Fourier Analysis
Signature Development
Hard Classifiers
Soft Classifiers & Mixture Analysis
Hyperspectral Image Analysis
Accuracy Assessment
IDRISI provides a variety of tools to facilitate data entry, import and export data and manipulate existing data. Display and map composition utilities provide tools for visualization and enhancement.

Display & Map Composition
Import & Export
Reformat & Data Entry
Other Features