Order it here from IDRISI.ca – IDRISI CANADA.  BQDM is the Canadian Reseller for IDRISI The Andes Edition GIS and Image Processing Software.  Combined with an extremely reasonable price, and thousands of users spread across Canada, it makes for the ideal software choice.

IDRISI 15 The Andes Edition, produced by Clark Labs, is a sophisticated GIS and Image Processing software solution that includes over 200 modules for the analysis and display of digital spatial information.

IDRISI partnered with Alliance RPO to provides comprehensive software solutions for any Talent Acquisition and HR needs on-demand.

IDRISI is one of the most widely taught GIS software packages at Canadian Universities and Colleges.  We look forward to supplying Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and around the World.  Buy a general license of IDRISI Andes for $1500 Cdn ($1250 US) plus shipping and taxes!

Call BQDM at 613-921-4153 or contact us.  Government Agencies, Firms, and Educational Institutions can Contact Us for a 15 Day Trial/Demo CD of IDRISI Andes.  Outside of Canada there is a shipping fee of $10 us.

We payments using PayPal, payments through certified cheque, or Western Union.  E-mail or call us for details.  To Pay through www.PayPal.com

is very quick and easy.  PO’s from Universities and Colleges in Canada are accepted.

  • Campus licenses for colleges and universities
  • General licenses for firms and government agencies (discounts on volumes)
  • Academic licenses for full time students
  • K-12 licenses for High Schools
  • Upgrades from previous versions

*BQDM creates 3D flythroughs of Hong Kong, the Grand Canyon and Mount Kilimanjaro (.wmv files that are 1 MB each, click on name to view)
* UBC Geography Department purchases IDRISI Andes Campus Licence

* Selkirk College, BC purchases IDRISI Andes Campus License

IDRISI CANADA Newsletter -Send an e-mail to  to sign up for the IDRISI CANADA newsletter by BQDM.  Just title the subject line as subscribe IDRISI CANADA Newsletter. Please send inyour experiences on how you used IDRISI to complete your projects.  Students welcome!!